Peel The Onion creative development for people, brands, organisations strategic planning - brand development brand positioning corporate vision consumer insight marketing strategy innovation channel strategy communication strategy creative briefings relationship & community marketing - management consulting strategic marketing creative coaching . - inspiration brain-storms workshops WRONG PEEL impro - corporate culture values cross-cultural - human growth coaching training personal and interpersonal creativity personal growth communication change teamwork leadership innovation Kristin Verellen NLP strategist creative coach management consultant Peel The Onion / creative coaching & strategic planning / Kristin Verellen Consultancy, workshops and training for the creative development of people, brands and organisations. We create the frame (group dynamics) and sharpen the content (from ideas to strategy to results). Peel The Onion offers cross-disciplinary services for the creative development of people, brands and organisations. We specialize in creative coaching that unleashes new ideas, insights, involvement and synergy and on strategic planning that anticipates the future. The big difference with other strategists and coaches is that we donít limit ourselves to create the frame (facilitating the group dynamics in creative and change processes) we also sharpen the content (generating and filtering new ideas into a breakthrough brand strategy and action plan).

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